" I appreciate the initiation taken by the Madina Qur'aanic Mission High School to improved education standard by attaching Islamic studies with English Medium which is the need of time, I emphasis the management to take care of all level of people of community, I congratulate and present my best wishes for this great mission".

   Editor in Chief, The Munsif Daily

"Today is very precious day that I got an opportunity to say something about Madina Qur'aanic Mission High School from the establishement to till date,with the untiring efforts of Chairman and others reached up to the sky,and got reputation , I congratulate to all the parents whose children are studying in Madina qur'aanic Mission School and becoming Hafiz when they finished their Education, they will be fruitful for the community."

   MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT, Hyderabad Deccan

Madina Qur'aanic Mission High School is the example in every field, As far as my knowledge there is no such school imparting modern education with Hifz-e- Qur'aan and providing all facilities, I shocked to see the science Exhibition by seeing the Models, monuments, and art and crafts item. I pray to Allah that the wings of this school spread all over the places.

--Nawaab Mir Zaheer Uddin Ali Khan.
   Managing Editor, Siasat Daily.

After the visit of this school I am impressed with the activities of organization, specially in this school the A.P state Govt.syllabus along with Hifz-e-qur'aan is Excellent and Unique. INSHAALLAH with the blessing of Allah (SWT) and Prophet (PBUH) the strength of the students will be increased day by day.

--Syed Zaheeruddin Sofi,    B.E.(OSM) M.S.(USA)
Sajjada Nasheed Hazrath Sofi Azam (Rh)

It is very Pleasurable Moment for me to Express my view for such a great school, where English Medium and Religious knowledge is taught to the Students. Religious Studies is very Important part of our life which show & lead the life in right path and make difference between good deeds & evil virtues.when student of this school complete there studies they can explain the Islam..the religious of peace and Humanity. Madina Qur'aanic Mission High school management have really done a great job by maintaining good standard of education with extra curricular activities.I myself witness Excellent Performance of students in Annaul day Function.

--Nayini Narasimha Reddy
   Minister for Technical Education Govt.of A.P

It is Wonderful seen and Great news for me an English Medium school with good standard not only in Qur'aanic Atmosphere but also with Hifz-e- Qur'aan.I have never seen during my world tour as my intention is to visit education institutions of the world,but what I have seen in this Madina qur'aanic Mission High School an Institution of English Medium with Hifz- e-Qur'aan INSHAALLAH, I hope we will meet our new generation as great Doctors. Engineer, Lawyers and even Scientist with the Heart of Holy Qur'aan. May Almighty Allah (SWT) shower the blessing upon this Institution and Upon Moulana Dr.Maulana Akhlaaq Sharfi and Moulana Hassaan Farooqi, Office Bearers, Students. Staff and relatives and all kinds of Congratulations from.

--Mohammed Abdul Hakeem Azhari,s/o Shaik Abu Bakar,President

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